FSI Course Catalog

The Five Star Institute offers the following courses. For more information on the courses, please read the course descriptions below:

Five Star Short Sale Certification (Buy Course $495)

The Five Star Institute offers an intensive and widely acclaimed Short Sale Certification and Training course every year to equip agents and brokers with the skills needed to manage short sales for any servicer. When signing up for the course, make sure to clear time in your schedule and make any adjustments necessary for other obligations. This is an all-day training experience guided by Five Star industry experts with the ability to help fellow professionals navigate the increasingly complex world of short sales.

Five Star REO Certification (Buy Course $595)

Need REO certification fast? The Five Star Institute offers REO Certification in the form of an intense, one-and-ahalf-day certification and training class. We streamlined the program last year to expedite your education, highlight important areas of focus, and empower you to sell REOs for the industry of tomorrow. We arm our students with the latest in REO sales by inviting asset managers and real estate professionals to teach from experience, not just the textbook. The strong foundation of knowledge we seek to offer our students includes:
» REO management
» REO workflow processing
» Broker price opinions
» Property preservation
» REO closings
» Property marketing

Five Star BPO Certification (Buy Course $395)

In addition to our other certification programs, the Five Star Institute provides real estate professionals with the
option to obtain certification in broker price opinions. Our graduates learn how to deliver highly accurate broker price opinions that meet the needs of lenders and servicers as much as homebuyers and sellers. An intensive, one-day class helps our attendees immediately step up their skills, enhance the quality of their broker price opinions, and walk away with numerous benefits available only from the Five Star Institute.

REO from A to Z (Buy Course $225)

There's a growing world of REO properties that need to be managed by knowledgeable and motivated real estate professionals. Learn the steps to building a successful business in REO as you develop these vital best practices. Whether you are new to REO or a veteran of the industry, this course will help you focus on the fundamentals: fundamentals that will add to your success!

Default Servicing 101 (Buy Course $225)

This course guides you through the maze of default loan servicing activitiesóloans and foreclosures, bankruptcy, loss mitigation and home retention strategies, advantages of short sales, and the role of the REO manager. You are off and running with time-proven practices that best prepare you to be a highly successful default servicing professional.

Providing Broker Price Opinions (Buy Course $225)

You know that determining the Broker Price Opinion is critical in establishing a defaulted propertyís market value, but how do you arrive at a figure? We show you how to compute the BPO quickly and accurately by analyzing influencing factors such as property type, comparable sales numbers, and repair costs.

Mastering Broker Price Opinions (Buy Course $225)

The follow-up to Providing Broker Price Opinions, Surviving BPOs will provide practical and proven strategies for dealing with the specific valuation challenges BPO providers face every day. This course will provide practical solutions to industry-wide problems while showing you how to see the BPOs as the client sees it and how to sell the validity of your opinions. You'll also learn the market as you elevate your career through detailed knowledge and expertise.

Marketing REO Properties (Buy Course $225)

Most real estate professionals understand the art of marketing themselves to build name recognition, but how effectively do they market REO properties? This course shows you how to build effective marketing plans by using sound knowledge of local markets, introduces you to new and more technologically based marketing options, teaches you how to write effective property ads, and more!

Property Preservation (Buy Course $225)

A property's appearance and appeal is key to getting it sold. Thatís where property preservation and maintenance come in. We teach you, the propertyís caretaker, what you need to know about codes, eviction lockouts, and pre-foreclosure inspections. If repairs are needed, you will learn how to use repair margin formulas and recognize when itís best to rehabilitate a property.

Understanding TARP (Buy Course $195)

Everyone knows about TARP, but few fully understand it. This course puts you a step ahead of the competition by not only giving you an understanding of the program, but more importantly, insight into its implications for our business. This course does not count towards the Five Star Professional designation. RES.NET Agent Certification (Buy Course $95)

Building a Career in REO 101 (Buy Course $225)

The table is set for some highly successful careers in REO, and yours can be one of them. Join us as we step back and take an overall look at what makes for success in the REO listing and selling world. You will see what the success patterns are and you will learn the art of negotiation, the importance of advertising, and the best approaches to interfacing with lenders, outsourcers, and government-sponsored enterprises.

Building a Career in REO 201 (Buy Course $225)

Once you've mastered the ins and outs of REO, take the next step with our unmatched insider knowledge and the market secrets you won't find anywhere else. With this advanced REO course, you'll learn to discern between offers, how to understand lenders, outsourcers, and GSEs, and the best ways to market and advertise, all along the way to becoming indispensable to your broker. Prerequisite: Building a Career in REO 101.