Why Get Five Star BPO Certified?

Introducing the Five Star BPO Certification! Online Courses

Five Star BPO Certified professionals are equipped to deliver BPOs that meet the needs of their lender/servicers with details and analytics of their distressed properties. Creating accurate, detailed BPOs is an art, and in this course, you will learn the methods and information needed to make your BPO more accurate and informational than ever before.

Professionals certified in the Five Star Institute’s BPO training will stand out from the crowd because the benefits of this intensive one-day class will be immediately apparent in the quality of their BPOs. There is no other course on the market that offers you the comprehensive information included in this rigorous one-day class.

Among the Benefits of this Exclusive Certification:

  • Identify yourself as one of the default servicing industry’s most knowledgeable participants with this specialized training.
  • Notification to FSI’s extensive network of servicers, asset managers, and other leading organizations in default servicing of your completion of the Five Star BPO Certification.
  • Five Star BPO Certification certificate of achievement.
  • Use the Five Star BPO Certified logo for personal use on business cards, marketing pieces, etc.
  • Periodic listing of all Five Star BPO Certified professionals in DS News.
  • Special recognition at Five Star events, including the annual Five Star Default Servicing Conference and Expo.
  • Market yourself as a specialist in the default servicing community and become a preferred resource to the industry, as well as part of FSI’s united marketing effort to the lender/servicer community.
  • A comprehensive manual on BPO processes and techniques.

Description of the BPO Certification:

  • REVIEW THE EVOLUTION OF THE BPO Lender/servicers are unwilling to accept a BPO that is not accurate, factual, and up-to-date. Learn what information is needed on your BPO and how to obtain it.
  • UNDERSTANDING VALUES Identifying the value types used in a BPO and being able to explain each one is a learned skill; you will learn how to describe forces that can affect the property’s sales value.
  • IDENTIFYING DOMINANT FEATURES You will understand how to identify various property types, styles, and other dominant features in order to utilize them in the BPO process.
  • USING COMPARABLE LISTINGS AND SALES Learn to select comparables against which to compare the subject property and how to describe other factors that affect value, as well as how to determine the value of the property by adjusting or equalizing comparable sales and listings.
  • KNOW YOUR MARKET, SUBJECT, AND BUYER You will be able to determine market influences that affect your subject property and learn to identify the dominant features of the property and its marketability.
  • ANALYZING MARKET DATA, COMPS, AND VALUES Selecting appropriate market data and defining your neighborhood is an important part of determining value. Learn how to select the comparables and define the neighborhood using “no parameter” searches.
  • MAKING ADJUSTMENTS AND DEFENDING VALUES Calculating and making adjustments to value is a complicated process. Learn to justify your comps and values and adjust for market conditions.
  • PAINT THE PICTURE WITH COMMENTS Discover why comments are necessary and know which ones should be used to describe subject, comparables, and final value conclusion.
  • VALUING PROPERTIES NEEDING REPAIR Find out how to value poorly maintained property and describe the calculation to obtain an as-repaired value.